Message From Kath

Dear Healing Center Friends,

This is an early reminder about next month’s potluck, which is being held on June 26, at 6pm.  I want to extend a personal invitation to all of you to consider joining us that night.  As you know, Ann White, our wonderful Director of Family Programs, is retiring at the end of June.  Please join me and the rest of our staff and volunteers as we thank Ann for all she has done for The Healing Center and as we celebrate the time she has spent with us.

When Ann contacted me about a job in the summer of 2005, I didn’t think we were ready to hire a counselor/program director. We hadn’t yet found a house so that all of our programs could be under one roof (we were operating out of the trunk a car). We just didn’t feel ready to hire someone new. However, when the perfect person walks in your door, you don’t want to send them away. Thankfully, we didn’t, and our children and family programs have benefited from that decision. Our family programs, our school outreach, the amazing volunteers and interns we’ve trained all reflect Ann’s amazing talents, her compassion, and her passion for working with bereaved families. The Healing Center’s family programs are what they are today in large part because of Ann’s magic touch.

We hope many of you, adults and children, will join us on June 26, at 6pm, as we share a meal and say farewell to Ann. You will receive a special Evite to this potluck.  Please don’t worry that this is goodbye. Ann will continue to consult with The Healing Center and plans to join us for client events like the holiday party and the May Day Walk – once someone walks in our door, they never really leave. We look forward to a fun-filled potluck with lots of adults, plenty of children, and of course our beloved Ann White. I’ll hope to see you then if not before.

Take care,

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