Online Teen Grief Support

It’s always difficult when someone we care about dies and it’s easy to feel isolated and alone. Although The Healing Center hosts a live and in-person support group for teens, many teens cannot attend this group due to transportation or geographic challenges. As an antidote to that isolation, we have created a virtual setting for teens so that they are able to participate in a live group from their own home and in a way that is familiar to them.

The setting offers anonymity (which some teens may prefer) and has been established on a conferencing site that utilizes a secure server. Within this site, group participants can “talk” with licensed Masters level counselors and other grieving teens, knowing that their personal information is protected. Only first names or pseudonyms are used (participants identify themselves as they choose upon entrance into the forum) and online group participants and their individual circumstances are known only by the counselors from The Healing Center.

Just prior to each weekly online session, all group participants are invited by email to attend. Entrance into the online group is restricted to this email invitation.

All interested teens are required to register (see link below) and speak with a Healing Center counselor, to assess whether this group might be helpful.

The Healing Center wishes to acknowledge and thank The Boeing Employees Community Fund for their generous grant which provides the support for our Online Teen Chat.

Register here.