National Conference on Widowhood (Camp Widow)

On August 7th, our very own Kath McCormack, Tom Hall, and Abigail Carter will be presenting at the National Conference on Widowhood (Camp Widow) in San Diego, and all are invited to attend.

Kath and Tom will be offering a workshop entitled “Put Your Own Mask on First: A Widowed Parent’s Guide.” Tom Hall, is a widowed parent, former Healing Center client, and current board member of Safe Crossings Foundation and The Healing Center. Tom and Kath will be talking about ways to single parent from the male and female perspective. We know that men and women grieve differently and that the challenges are many.

Abigail will speak about her story of rebuilding a life for her and her two children after losing her husband in The World Trade Center on September 11, 2001, in a presentation entitled “Post Traumatic Growth.” Abby is a THC board member and author of The Alchemy of Loss, Abigail shares her personal challenges and coping strategies she used to navigate through this new world she found herself in. Abigail will help you see the potential for growth in the experience of loss, how to navigate the mire of grief and turn it into something magical.

If you are interested in attending the conference, there is a discounted rate for friends of The Healing Center.  For the reduced rate, follow this link to register and let them know you’re associated with The Healing Center.  We would love your participation and we’re hoping that lots of widowed men and women from The Healing Center will join us for this empowering event.

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