Shoots in the Snow

It’s January and we have had snow, the threat of snow, and very cold weather already.  January has always seemed like such a long month.  I yearn for the longer days, for the sun to set after 5PM.

The Holidays are over. For many of us who grieve, friends and family may have made a special effort to connect with us during the holidays knowing that they might be hard for us. Now it’s back to work and back to routines but for many that is difficult. The pain is strong, the holidays didn’t change that – perhaps it only served to hide the pain or perhaps even increase it.

January can be a good time to be especially gentle to ourselves. Many in the wider society feel the ‘post holiday blues’ so it makes sense that those who grieve would experience them as well. Getting out for a walk, even in the cold weather, might be good self care. Reading a book by the fire might be as well.

One thing that I do here in the Northwest is to look for sprouts.  Tiny shoots of flowers that will bloom in spring start to show themselves in January.  For me they are signs of hope, signs that things will change.  When I can’t see them I often buy myself some flowers to brighten my home.  The lights and decorations have come down but flowers can brighten my spirit while I wait for spring.

At The Healing Center we have lots of support and ideas for getting through the dark days. Contact us and we will help.  You are not alone.

Libbie Stellas

Executive Director