Meet Charlie – Teen Project Volunteer

Hello, my name is Charlie Morse, and I am the newest volunteer at The Healing Center!  Although I am a new volunteer, I have actually been a part of The Healing Center for most of my life.  A couple months before I turned 4 years old, my mother, Wendy, passed away after a long struggle with breast cancer.  I was just old enough to understand what was happening, but not old enough to handle what was going on by myself.  So, I turned to The Healing Center, which was only an informal group at that time.  Now, as one of the first products of The Healing Center, I am here to give back!

As a senior in high school at Seattle Academy of Arts and Sciences, we are offered the opportunity as a senior project to spend the last 6 weeks of our senior year working at various companies and organizations.  I have chosen to spend mine working at The Healing Center.  I am focusing on an upcoming event, The GiveBig event, which is being sponsored and organized by The Seattle Foundation.

On June 23rd, 2011 from 7 a.m. to midnight, The Seattle Foundation will host its first GiveBig– one of the biggest giving days in King County history. The goal is to turn out thousands of new and returning individuals donors to help support organizations around the county. The Seattle Foundation will boost their donations to non-profits like us with a partial match, thanks to business sponsors like Chase, The Seattle Sounders FC, Seattle International Foundation, and more.

My goal is to raise awareness and donations for this GiveBig Campaign through blogging, facebook, Twitter, and phone calls to major donors.  Donations must be made on June 23 through the Seattle Foundation’s website for The Healing Center!  Donors cannot donate on the 22nd or 24th for the donations to be valid for the partial match from The Seattle Foundation.  We will be having a Donation Party, here at The Healing Center on that day, with computers set up for those who wish to donate.  More details to come!  Stay tuned.

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