Soaring Spirits – Hope Matters Newsletter June 2011

Days and Counting…
Camp Widow 2011

Is Camp Widow™ for you? Do you “qualify” as a widow? Can support people come too?Camp Widow™ welcomes anyone who has lost a life partner to participate in this program; all ages, men and women, married and not married widows, LGBT widowed, those with any/no faith background, remarried widows and their new partners. No matter how long you’ve been widowed, or how you joined our ranks, you will find a community like no other when you step up to the registration desk at Camp Widow™. We work hard to offer you a variety of resources that apply to any stage of the evolving journey of widowhood.  Your support system is welcome too, as are professionals working in the grief recovery field who would like to take part in this incredible weekend.


JUNE SPECIAL: Register for Camp in the month of June and be entered to win a free night’s stay at our host hotel, the fantastic San Diego Marriott Hotel and Marina. Don’t wait, sign up HERE today!


When a friend is in crisis, and you don’t know how to help, there are ways to provide comfort and assistance that they will deeply appreciate. Exactly What They Need is a unique website created by our Sunday blogger, Kim Hamer, that provides practical tips for helping a friend in crisis. Utilizing her own experience, as well as those of many other people who have come into her life since the death of her husband Art in April of 2009, Kim helps you help your friend, your neighbor, your family member. Take a look HERE, and thanks Kim for speaking for those who often struggle to speak for themselves.


Share the Road: Save Lives

Soaring Spirits honors the lives of cyclists who have died in cycling related accidents with our Share the Road ride. This year’s event will be held on October 15, 2011 and will feature a 25 mile city tour, a 50 mile half century, and a 100 mile full century ride through the beautiful fall landscape of Ventura County, California. We are actively seeking sponsors for this event, as well as help in spreading the word to cyclists all over the greater Los Angeles area about this unique opportunity to support the Share the Road message. Each mile will honor a rider who lost their lives, if you know someone who should be remembered, we’d love to hear from you. 

Our goal is to help ensure that cyclists arrive home safely to their families after being out enjoying a healthy, green, and challenging pastime.

All proceeds from the Share the Road ride will benefit the Soaring Spirits Loss Foundation. If you, or anyone you know, would be willing to help…please contact us at

Blog of the Month: Alone Together by Dan Cano

“We are alone, or we are not alone. We are newly widowed or we have been at it a long time. We are very young, or we are considered older. We come from this walk of life, or we come from another. We look similar to each other, or we don’t. We might have previously chosen to be friends, or we might not have. Yet here we are. We are reflections of each other. We share that knowing look in our eyes. We have the ability to touch each other’s hearts, and souls, in a deep and profound way.” Read more…

When Can I Register for my Camp Widow Workshops?

Due to an unexpected (and fabulous!) addition to our workshop schedule, we have delayed sending out registration selection sheets until….this weekend! By Friday June 3 each registered camper will receive instructions for selecting from the great list of choices for this year’s Camp Widow weekend. Take a look at the options HERE, just click on the title of any workshop for a summary and information about the presenter. We will be offering an early morning yoga class, new camper orientation, a chance the meet the founders of several amazing organizations dedicated to serving the widowed community, our Widow Dash 5K, and much, much more.

Thanks for your patience, and get those selection sheets back soon to ensure you are assigned to your first choice of workshops! What? Not signed up yet? Not to worry, there is room for everyone! From June 3 forward, all campers will receive their workshop selection instructions with their camp confirmation e-mail.

We can’t wait to welcome you to San Diego!!

Soaring Spirits Loss Foundation is a 501(c)3 Corporation. Your donations make providing a support network for grieving people around the world possible. With your help we provide peer based grief support for anyone who has lost a loved one, with a special emphasis on widowed people. We aim to create a network of support so large, and so visible, that no one need grieve alone. Thank you for supporting our efforts, because HOPE MATTERS.

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