Community Poetry

This poem was submitted by a young adult in our community.  If you are interested in sharing your story, writing, artwork or music, please contact Rebecca at  Thank you for sharing; it means the world to our community.

Untitled (by Katie McCorkell)


To all you bright eyed curious people

Do not worry

Eventually, you will know a loss you can’t ignore

A grief you carry with you everywhere

Something to start your calendar on

Do not be afraid

I know you say that you don’t know death, but you know grief and loss. You have ridden the bus together at least.

You cried when Dumbledore died, and no, no your kitchen table hasn’t been full of condolence cards, but you know that feeling like Valentine’s day in 2nd grade when you’re searching through envelopes and cards and none of them fix anything.

I know you don’t know death, but you’ve taken a class with a ghost, she sat behind you in lecture, her picture is in all of the storefronts it says “Where Is Marizela Perez: Please Help Find Her.”

I saw you reading the headlines this morning. The tsunami in your cereal bowl, each clink of your spoon a death bell, and then, you read the comics. You did your homework, you went to the bus stop. You heard the siren wail, the ambulance lament, as you talked about your weekend, your new shoes.

You don’t know death, but you know grief like a tangled up rain jacket, loss like the first day of Fall and you’re out there planting daffodils. Plant daffodils. Cry as often as possible.

Do not be afraid. Death is nothing new. You will live through it. You already do.

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