Men's Grief Group is Official

The 6 month pilot is over and we are happy to announce the “Men’s Grief Group” is official!

Who:  This group is for men who have had a spouse/partner die.

When:  2nd Tuesday of every month, 6:30-8pm

Where:  The Healing Center

Why:  Created as a supplemental group to our Early and Transition Group co-ed groups, the Men’s Grief Group offers a safe place for men to share with other men experiences unique to the male grief process.  While the emotional process of grief shared with others is important in this group, there is also a focus on the active process of grieving that many men tend to use to cope with their loss.  Most men attend this group through the first few years of being widowed.  Men attending this group typically come away with new tools to cope with their grief and the experience of feeling heard and understood.

Scott Rutledge, MA, LMFTA, is the facilitator of this group with the support of co-facilitator, Marshall Peabody.

For more information about this group, please call The Healing Center (206) 523-1206, or email Scott at



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