Writing Through Loss Workshop – February 10

Writing Through Loss

Friday, February 10, from 6:30-9:30, at The Healing Center.

One of the best therapies for grief is to tell your story. In this workshop, you will learn how to capture those stories with all their difficult emotions and memories and put them down on paper, an exercise that will astonish you with the power it has to heal. Come prepared with a pen and pad and let’s try and harness the incredible opportunity for creativity that grief has to offer.

We hope you can join us for our first Writing Workshop conducted by Abigail Carter, widow, author, mom, and our board secretary (definitely not in that same order at any given moment!)

If you would like to attend this workshop for our community, please rsvp to Lisa in our office by phone (206) 523-1206 (ext. 15) or email lisae@healingcenterseattle.org

To learn more about Abby, please visit her blog at www.abigailcarter.com

Here is an excerpt from her blog under “about me”:  “I grew up in Toronto where I met my husband Arron in 1986. We married in 1990 and then lived around the world – Brussels, London, Boston – before settling in Montclair, NJ where we were happily raising our two kids, Olivia, 6 and Carter, 2 until one sunny September day, when Arron went off to work, later calling me to tell me a bomb had gone off in The World Trade Center where he was attending a trade show. I never spoke with him again.

Thus at the ripe old age of 38, two years after that very fateful day, I began writing down everything I could remember about the two years I had just lived through. In 2005, I moved myself and our two kids to Seattle, WA in order to begin anew. I took a writing course and wrote some more and then by sheer happenstance wound up with my book, The Alchemy of Loss being published.

Like widow(er)s everywhere this is my unintentional life. Perhaps we all lead unintentional lives. I’m beginning to believe so.”

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