How to Share The Healing Center

We asked Healing Center client and volunteer Marshall to share with you the email he sent out to friends and family asking to support The Healing Center at this year’s May Day Walk.  His email and link to his fundraising page is below.  If you need assistance registering or setting up your page, please contact co-chair and volunteer, Mattie Bess at or call The Healing Center (206) 523-1206.  Thank you for sharing The Healing Center and making sure we are available to help the next grieving widow.


On Sunday, May 6th, I’m walking for The Healing Center, to honor Jill, Terri and Tom – people who’ve departed this life WAY too soon.

Jill knew all about The Healing Center (THC).  Our first “date” was their 10th Anniversary Gala, back in 2010.  She got to hear all about THC, meet friends I’ve met on this new, unanticipated adventure, while enjoying wine and dancing to oldies tunes.  The next day she sent what was to become one of many pithy emails:

“Thank you for a great evening.  I haven’t danced in many a moon and love how it lifts my spirits.  Guess that’s what they invented dancing for, huh?  Gotta tell you, for a hall full of grieving people, they sure know how to let loose!  Fun and a first…”

That it would be the start of such an unexpected, incredible relationship, one that went farther and deeper than I ever thought I’d see again… who knew?  Well, I think one person who knew…  Jill was onto it long before I figured it out!

The Healing Center was central to it.  Jill heard me witness to its significance and healing effects.  She knew how important participation there is to me, giving back to a community that supports and nurtures people dealing with loss.  She attended functions and probably realized that not only had it helped me move forward after Terri’s untimely passing, but it also gave me strength to risk connection in her life.

Tom McDonald and I hopped on bikes 32 years ago and pedaled to Seattle from Florida.  He passed on at the end of March.  Tom and his family have played an integral role in my life, years ago connecting Terri and me, then pointing me towards THC after her passing, which ultimately led to the first date with Jill, and starting this past “Year of Magical Living”.  How lives intertwine!

We miss them all… This year I walk in honor of Jill, Terri and Tom.  I invite you to join me, or sponsor me, in honoring them, as well as anyone significant to you.  It’s going to be a celebration, (rain OR shine), and it goes to support the work of The Healing Center.  I’d love it if you could join me, or if not, sponsor me.  Click here to go to my fundraising page

Grief and loss, there’s a lot of it around…  It makes THC shine even brighter.

With gratitude,


What is The Healing Center?  From the Healing Center’s Website (

The Healing Center’s goal is to support children, adults, and families as they come to terms with the death of a loved one. We offer a variety of services and a community of people. This is a place where bereaved people, adults, and children alike can stop for a little while, rest, be comforted, meet others who understand, and begin to move through their grief so that, ultimately, they can begin to make peace with death and rebuild their lives. The long-term goal is that each person will come to a place of peace and will find new meaning as they reinvest in life. We are a community of people who support each other.


A Kay-lebration for Kay Monahan

Healing Center friends and family-

the Monahan family would like to invite you to celebrate Kay’s life on May 5, at Seattle’s Golden Gardens Bathhouse.

Kay was a Healing Center Advisory Board Member and huge supporter!  Generous and thoughtful, Kay has been championing this organization since it was just a dream. In fact, her family gave the money for us to incorporate in 2000.  Kay truly believed in The Healing Center and gave so much of herself to our clients, staff, board and volunteers. She was such a great cheerleader for our cause.

Please read the invitation below for details and how to RSVP to the Monahan Family.  You can also find the details at Kay’s CaringBridge Journal webpage.


Dear Friends and Family of Kay Monahan ~

We are planning a gathering – a celebration of Kay’s life –
a Kay-lebration…on May 5th (Cinco de Kayo) 2012.

We have reserved the Golden Gardens Bathhouse – Kay enjoyed being out there at the beach this past year – a nature hit when she couldn’t venture out of the city. The hope is that this Seattle location will allow many folks to easily gather – it is a very informal “wear your play clothes” kind of place.

One of Kay’s favorite jokes was:
What time do you go to the dentist?…
2:30 (tooth hurty)”…
so we will gather together to Celebrate Kay –
2:30PM @ The Golden Gardens Bathhouse.
Friends and family will have stories and memories to share. The Beaconettes, a singing group that Kay loved to be a part of, will be there. There will be music and laughter… and, of course, tissue boxes on the tables because we miss her so much! Folks who want to, could stay on to play at the beach and share in a potluck/cookout. The Golden Gardens Bathhouse is a fine old building that will shelter us from the elements and give us a gathering space. We have also reserved the volleyball courts on the seaside of the Bathhouse, and a cooking shelter (with charcoal grills) for the day.

Please RSVP to Teresa – –  to let us know if it looks like you will be there. Please include the number of folks in your group, and give us an idea of whether you will want to stay and play and share in a potluck/cookout later in the day. Kids are welcome, of course. Maybe there will even be s’mores and a hootenanny around a bonfire for folks who spend the day? I’ll be back in touch with those who have RSVP’d once we have a feel for the size of the gathering.

We hope to see you there- and will certainly feel you there in spirit should you not be able to join us. In any event, we will be celebrating Kay the rest of our lives – she was a good girl.

Volunteer Dashers – Thank you

On a freezing cold, rainy St. Paddy’s Day, Healing Center client and group volunteers braved the elements to support the Detlef Schrempf Foundation’s F5 St. Pat’s Dash.  It all began with volunteers “manning” our registration table at Run 26 in Mill Creek, the week before the event.  Over 80 volunteer hours were donated to make sure runners had their bibs and timers.

The big Dash day arrived and volunteers were helping in the parking garage at 4:45 am; serving coffee at 5:45, and then frozen custard at 10am!  Once the 13,000 runners completed the dash in the rain and hail; THC volunteers poured beers in the beer garden as the snow flakes created whiteout conditions.  It was one of the coldest events The Healing Center has ever participated in.

Because of our outstanding volunteers, the Detlef Schrempf Foundation will grant monies to help support the costs of our children’s programs.  If you missed the Dash, but would like to volunteer for the Detlef Schrempf Foundation Celebrity Gala & Auction on June 23, (to benefit THC and Rise n’Shine), please email Lisa at or call Lisa at The Healing Center (206) 523-1206, ext. 15.

The Healing Center could not be available to the next grieving family if it weren’t for these outstanding volunteers: Rita, Linda, Mike, Julia, Donna, Mary Jean, Mary, Aubrey, Scott, Christi, Dustin, Thomas, Alexander, Jennifer, Nicole, Nick, Jaclyn, Walter, Jennifer and Peyton.  Thank you all very, very much!


Non-verbal Grief Expression

Adult Creative Group from the Client’s Perspective

At the healing center I learned to express gratitude for a club I never wanted to join.

A year and a half after my husbands’ sudden, unexpected death, my support system had moved on.  I was alone and just beginning my real grieving  process.

At The Healing Center, the group facilitators and grief support groups, with wisdom and silence, allowed me to speak my heart.  No subject was off limits, no one tried to minimize the tremendous loss like no other.

There came a time when my words couldn’t sustain me.  The creative group gave me a new non-verbal expression for my grieving.  I have learned skills that have helped me grow and heal simultaneously.

I never imagined a place I turned to in desperation would one day be an incredible haven for healing.

For all that has been given me, I thank you. – Suzi


Adult Creative is facilitated by Michele Koger and volunteer, Jane Bergerson.  It meets at The Healing Center, on the fourth Wednesday of the month from 6:30-8:30.  Initial intake is required and an appointment may be made by calling The Healing Center at (206) 523-1206.

Sleep Yoga on Fridays

Soaring Heart Sleep Yoga Classes

to benefit The Healing Center

Every Friday, April 6-May25 from 6:30 PM – 8:00 PM




Soaring Heart Natural Bed Company is excited to announce that beginning April 6th, we will be offering Sleep Yoga Classes right here in our showroom.  A suggested donation of $10.00 per participant will both underwrite our program costs and provide benefit to The Healing Center.  Space is limited to 20 participants – Advance registration and waiver release forms may be found at  Plenty of parking is available behind the building.

Sleep Yoga – What is it?

Sound sleeping is a gift, which some people seem to possess more than others. There are many factors that can hinder restful sleep: insomnia, sleep apnea, back and neck pain, jet lag, anxiety, depression, stress or a combination of these common issues.

Regardless of whether you have chronic sleeping issues or have intermittent challenges to restful sleep, there are natural solutions that can help you sleep with greater ease.  It is important to note that some sleeping conditions and some folks will need medical assistance for their individual situations, however, we can all benefit from tips on how to sleep well. One fun way to learn natural sleeping techniques is through yoga class geared towards gentle stretching, breath work and meditation.

What to Expect

Yoga for Sleep will include gentle stretching to open the body and alleviate tight places that have accumulated over the workweek.  It will integrate breath and mindfulness practices that will serve to keep the busy mind focused to receive maximum benefits from the movement.  Props such as supportive pillows will be provided for the movement practice to create ease for the body in restorative, long held comfortable positions.  The last part of class will feature guided meditation practice to release layers of tension in the physical body and relax the mind.  Please bring your yoga mat, blanket, comfy clothes and an open mind!

Note:  There are no changing rooms and we are a fragrance free facility.

Your Instructor

Natalie Ginapp has been a student of yoga for over a decade.  The yoga practice and philosophy has been her solid companion throughout many trails and tribulations.  She stays busy teaching yoga, leading workshops and retreats, while continuing her studies in Pranayama, Sutras, Chakras, Meditation, seasonal Asana and Ayurveda.  You can expect a mindful blend of these concepts as well as skilled adjustments and alignment principles in yoga class with Natalie.  She views life as the practice, and yoga an effective guide on how to live each day to the fullest.  A lover of all active things, you can spot Natalie with her companion in life and adventure, Joe, surfing waves, snowboarding down mountains and taking extraordinary treks off beaten trails, map & compass in hand!  Om!