Non-verbal Grief Expression

Adult Creative Group from the Client’s Perspective

At the healing center I learned to express gratitude for a club I never wanted to join.

A year and a half after my husbands’ sudden, unexpected death, my support system had moved on.  I was alone and just beginning my real grieving  process.

At The Healing Center, the group facilitators and grief support groups, with wisdom and silence, allowed me to speak my heart.  No subject was off limits, no one tried to minimize the tremendous loss like no other.

There came a time when my words couldn’t sustain me.  The creative group gave me a new non-verbal expression for my grieving.  I have learned skills that have helped me grow and heal simultaneously.

I never imagined a place I turned to in desperation would one day be an incredible haven for healing.

For all that has been given me, I thank you. – Suzi


Adult Creative is facilitated by Michele Koger and volunteer, Jane Bergerson.  It meets at The Healing Center, on the fourth Wednesday of the month from 6:30-8:30.  Initial intake is required and an appointment may be made by calling The Healing Center at (206) 523-1206.

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