Camp Widow

The Soaring Spirits Loss Foundation, a nationwide network of people supporting those who have lost a loved one, especially widows, will be holding their annual Camp Widow West this summer at the San Diego Marriott Hotel and Marina on August 10-12, 2012.

Camp Widow is a weekend full of widowed people coming together to help each other deal with the losses of their partners. The camp is a way to work through the grieving process with others who have lost their spouses, but it a fun, uplifting, way full of genuine smiles and laughter. People coming away from the Camp are astonished by their experience. “Unimaginable was the strength, bravery, heroism and everything in between that pervaded the spirit of the day. Such aliveness you never did see.” Abby – Seattle, WA.

Camp Widow brings hundreds of people together who have all experienced a tragedy that is unthinkable to many. The camp brings men and women who have lost a spouse, unmarried widows, remarried widows, and LGBT widowed people all together. At either their east coast weekend location or their west coast weekend location, there are key note speakers, many workshops, night time events, great food, and many activities that are inclusive of laughter and bright spirits. This year, both Kath McCormack and Abigail Carter, the Healing Center founder and Secretary of Board, are both presenting at the Camp.

Kath will be presenting

  • Friday during Block 2 from 10:45am to 11:45am, The Newly Widowed Group Session
  • Friday during Block 4 from 1:00pm to 2:00pm, Round Table Discussion: Baby Boomers
  • Friday during Block 6 from 3:30pm to 4:30pm, Round Table Discussion: For New Partners of Widow/ers
  • Saturday during Block 1 from 10:15am to 11:30am, Step Parenting 101: Yours, Mine, and Ours?

Abigail will be presenting

  • Friday during Block 5 from 3:00pm to 5:30pm, Intensive: Writing Through Loss

For a complete list of Friday’s sessions, click here. For a complete list of Saturday’s sessions, click here.

Throughout the different workshops at Camp Widow, people start to feel closer to each other and closer to finding a way to deal with their grief. “The moment that touched me most was sitting in that room during the keynote address and not feeling so alone. I definitely felt a sense of community. Not a group I want to belong to, but nobody else did either.” Adrianna – Pacific Grove, CA. Whether a person was widowed a month ago or was widowed years ago, Camp Widow supports everybody and everyone supports each other at Camp Widow. “I wish I could have bottled all those people and that feeling up and brought it home with me. It’s difficult to explain to others just how valuable it is – without it sounding like I think the supportive people I have at home aren’t doing enough. But, both groups are incredibly valuable to me, and I need both in my life – desperately.” Chelsea – Vancouver, Canada.

Visit the websites for Camp Widow and the Soaring Spirits Loss Foundation for more detailed information on registering and the schedule for Camp Widow and for more information on the organization behind it.

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