Client Poetry

Stephen F. Dapogny, a gifted writer, devoted father and my loving husband, wrote the following poem in the Spring of 2009, a year after his father’s death. On September 24, 2011, Steve was struck and killed by a car while crossing Lake Shore Drive in Chicago, IL. The world lost a sensitive, honorable, capable and caring man that day. I lost my best friend of thirty years and my children lost a father who raised them from toddlers as an at-home Dad. I am incredibly grateful to have his poems to remind me what a talented man I had the good fortune to know and love for over 30 years. Steve also wrote this blog during his father’s battle with Alzheimer’s. As you’ll see, Steve wrote from the heart. Few hearts are not moved by his words



Nothing is Forever

Not the deserts. They were once seas.

Not the beaches. They always move.

Not the rocks and the mountains. Erosion takes its toll.

Powerful forces

Multiplied by time

Wreak havoc in our world

In slow motion

Nothing lasts forever

Least of all me

Not my thoughts. Not my memories.

Not my words. I will be nothing.

But there is forever

And there is continuity

Whether men remember or not

When they pause and reflect

On what has passed before

The fact of the matter

Is matter is me

I cannot be created or destroyed

But only changed from one form into another

So the very atoms of my existence

Will continue in this world

Until this world ends

Whereupon they will be released into the universe

As matter or energy. Or particles or waves.

But that bit of energy, that bit of mass

Was once me

And therefore I will stay

In this world, of this world

Unseen Unrecognized

But still here, disparate parts

They spring anew and oblivious back into circulation

Of the water of the hydrosphere

Of the carbon in the food chain

Of the energy used to produce

A sound

A city

A new person

And some small part of me will be useful

Will be part of the world

Part of the life of those to come

Part of the very matter of their existence

Even though they do not see me

Do not feel me

Do not remember me

I will always be there

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