To decorate or not to decorate?

In years past, The Healing Center has bedecked itself with all of the usual signs and symbols of the holiday season:  a tree, a menorah, a wreath, garland, strings of lights.  These perennial signs of the season can be a welcome thing, connecting us with holiday seasons of the past and reminding us of pleasant times that we have enjoyed with our loved ones.

When a loved one is gone, however, these traditional symbols can be painful.  Rather than remind us of what we have, they seem to sear upon us what we have no longer.  And it’s hard to escape them:  every street lamp and every store window seems to proclaim that it’s holiday time.  It’s time to plan, to shop, to bake, to gather loved ones, to make merry, to feel the warmth of the season.  Symbols speak to us but sometimes the message is painful.

As such, with intention and mindfulness, we have decided to “lightly decorate” The Healing Center this year.  This does not come from a lazy place nor are we turning into a bunch of Grinches.  Rather, we recognize that The Healing Center is a safe harbor where grievers can come to attend to the hard work of grieving and healing.  That work doesn’t need the added reminder of where we are in the calendar year; each and every person is already fully aware of what time it is.  We would rather place the focus on where it needs to be:  how you are feeling and how are you taking care of yourself.

Please know that every one of us here at The Healing Center holds your well being as our highest priority this season and in every season.

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