Fall Events at The Healing Center

heartsBy this time, we hope you’ve heard about our big Oktoberfest Fundraiser but we wanted to let you know we have a lot of other events coming up at The Healing Center. If you’d like to attend or be involved in some other way, please send and email to Mattie our Program Coordinator mattieb@healingcenterseattle.org or call the office (206) 523-1206.


Writing Through Loss with Abigail Carter

Following the loss of her husband in the attacks on the World Trade Center, Abby observes that, “like widow(er)s everywhere, this is my unintentional life.” One of the best therapies for grief is to tell the story of this unintentional life.

In this workshop, you will learn to capture those stories with all their difficult emotions and memories and put them down on paper, an exercise that will astonish you with the power it has to heal.

Come prepared to write and draw and let’s harness the incredible opportunity for creativity that grief has to offer. Please bring a notebook and pen. Cost for all 4 sessions: $50


September 24th
October 8th
October 22nd
November 5th

WHERE: The Healing Center


Healing Hearts Reception

Join us November 12th from 6-7:30pm at The Healing Center for our second annual Healing Hearts Reception. We gather to share art, music, and other expressions of our grief.

Grief & The Holidays Workshop

Come join Clinical Director Jen McCormick for a workshop on coping with the holiday season while grieving the loss of a loved one. Workshop will be held at The Healing Center from 1-2:30pm.



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