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May 25, 2017                                                             


Jen McCormick, Clinical Director for The Healing Center Seattle, will be leaving the organization during the 2017 Summer, after four years where she helped bring community-wide awareness and provided support for families in grief.

Jen has had a direct hand in helping over 400 individuals and families navigate their grief journey, bringing strength and guidance to those in the greater Seattle area.  Through her work leading kids’ groups at The Healing Center and outreach in the community at local schools, Jen has made The Healing Center a safe, comfortable environment for those in need.  She has had direct responsibility for growing the number of groups and programs and for establishing The Healing Center as a gathering place. “The main philosophy of the center idea is to get people in a room together that understand what they are all going through,” Jen says. “Outside of here, they may not be able to talk about it.”

The Healing Center is incredibly grateful for her tremendous support and we know our programs and families are stronger because of her leadership.  The Healing Center is excited for Jen’s next chapter as she will continue to work within the community with children in grief and trauma as well as starting her own private practice.

The Board and Executive Director are working closely with Jen during the transition to hire and train a new Clinical Director, so it will be seamless for all our individuals and families.  Please do not hesitate to contact us (info@healingcenterseattle.org) with comments or concerns.

About The Healing Center

The Healing Center offers a safe, loving place that honors grief, helping individuals and families to move through it and heal. They serve adults, young adults, and children who have experienced the premature death of a spouse/partner, parent, or sibling.  The Healing Center provides an environment – supported by their community and staff – where individuals and families decide when to come, how to grieve, or how long or how often to receive services.

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