Spring 2021 Newsletter 720 960

Spring 2021 Newsletter

Spring 2021 Newsletter Letter from the Executive DirectorHello! Summer is nearly here and with it a renewed sense of hope. Thank you so much for your commitment to children, adults, and families grieving the loss of a loved one. Over the past year, your support has helped us weather the uncertainty of the pandemic, adapt…

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Women throwing fallen autumn leaves into the air
Fall 2020 Newsletter 400 400

Fall 2020 Newsletter

Fall 2020 Newsletter Letter from the Executive DirectorHello Everyone! As fall is just around the corner, I hope everyone is getting to enjoy the last bit of summer weather we have. The last few months have been difficult, wonderful, uplifting, and even frightening here at The Healing Center.  But the one thing that has filled…

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Father sitting on a dock near a lake lifts his infant in the air
Winter 2020 Newsletter 400 400

Winter 2020 Newsletter

Winter 2020 Newsletter Letter from the Executive DirectorGreetings Everyone, The Healing Center is officially in its 20th year of operation, thanks to the community of support around us. As we head into this exciting milestone, it provides an opportunity to reflect on the great work that you have made possible. While there are many things that I…

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Panoramic view of a lake with a mountain range in the distance with the sun setting behind the range
June 2019 Newsletter 400 400

June 2019 Newsletter

June 2019 Newsletter Board UpdateHi, it’s been a while.  In fact, I think the last time you heard from us was December and for that I apologize.  There is so much going on—including some amazing updates I want to share with you on the behalf of the board.  Before I get to our news, I…

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Small creek with mounds of snow and snow capped pine trees in the background
December 2018 Newsletter 400 400

December 2018 Newsletter

December 2018 Newsletter Board UpdateHow it moves so fast from fall to winter always baffles my mind. We are in full holiday swing at the Healing Center with the holiday party on December 6th for our group members and providing extra support during a very difficult time of year. It’s been a busy fall, just…

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