Cost for Group FAQ

For 18 years, the Healing Center provided our services with no cost to those attending our groups.  This model is no longer sustainable for our organization and starting March 12, 2018, the Healing Center will begin charging a cost to attend group.  We are not changing our mission and won’t turn anyone away.  If you are not able to pay for group, you can still attend through a reduced cost or scholarship.  You can choose to pay a monthly cost to attend your groups, or a drop-in rate.  This change will help us cover our group costs and allow us to scale as our groups grow. 

We know you may have questions because this is a significant change and we will be reaching out to all our group attendees during the month of February and early March to discuss and address any concerns.  If you have questions, please call us at the office (206-523-1206) or email us


Why is the Healing Center switching to cost for service? 

The Healing Center’s funding model has not changed for 18 years and it is no longer sustainable as our groups grow.  Since its founding, we have asked that those attending group drop $20 in a bowl.  The donations we collect is not enough to cover our current and future costs for group (our therapists time and a portion of the housing costs).  We are making this shift because we want to do our best to ensure that the groups can be funded and can become self-sustaining.  All the money collected will be going directly to paying for the groups themselves.   

What are the costs? 

If you come to the Healing Center only a few times a year, the drop-in rate is $40. 

If you come to the Healing Center regularly, the monthly rate is $60. 

We have reduced rates and scholarships available. If you are interested, please reach out to

What if I can’t afford to pay? 

The Healing Center will always welcome anyone, regardless of your ability to pay.  If you are not able to afford to pay for group, we are able to offer a reduced rate or scholarship.  If you need a reduced rate or scholarship, you can let us know or the Healing Center will reach out to you once you attend a group session.   

What is the difference between monthly subscription and drop-in rate? 

A monthly subscription is a flat rate that would automatically be charged to your credit card every month. This allows you and any member of your household to attend as many sessions of your group(s) a month as you like for one flat rate. 

The Drop-in cost is a one-time payment, each time you attend your group, that would be processed after a group is attended.  You will receive an email with directions on how to pay for your session after each group you attend.  You only pay this rate if you do not have a monthly subscription.   

How do I pay for drop in? 

Drop in payment will be processed after you attend a group.  As always, you just show up for group and then leave.  We’ll send you email with directions on how to pay for your group afterward.  If you want, you can always drop a check in the bowl. 

How do I pay for monthly subscription? 

A monthly subscription will automatically be charged to your bank account every month.  You must have gone through our intake process, which will get your registered.  If you are already attending a group, please email us at to set up your payment plan. 

Can I pay with cash or check for my drop-in payment? 

Absolutely! Please make sure that all cash is placed in an envelope with your name and the date of the group you attended. This assures that we know who paid.  Envelopes will be made available at the Healing Center for cash payments.  

How do I register? 

Registration forms will be distributed during group and will be available at the Healing Center office during this transition.  If you are new to the Healing Center, this will happen during our intake process. If you cannot make it into the office, please email us at to set up your payment plan. 

How to I change my payment plan? 

If you end up attending more groups and want to go monthly or you have been monthly and need to switch to a drop-in, please submit any changes to your payment plan to 

Who do I contact if I have questions about my payment? 

Please contact the office by calling (206) 523-1206 or email 

Do I have to pay for a separate subscription for each of my family members? 

No. One subscription will cover all the group sessions for you and all members of your household. For example, if you and your children all attend several different groups, a monthly subscription at $60 would cover the cost of everyone’s sessions, as long as you live in the same household. 

Do you have student rate?  

We don’t currently offer a student rate. However, we know young adults and students are just starting out and we won’t turn anyone away if they cannot afford the group rate. We have many young adults on reduced rate or scholarship.

Please contact us at  to discuss finding reduced rate or scholarship.

Can someone else pay for my subscription? 

Absolutely! Just list their credit card information on your registration form or on the subscriptions page they can pay for you and enter your name in the “paying on behalf of” field. 

What if I want to pause or cancel subscription? 

Email us and we will pause or cancel your subscription. 

Is my payment considered a donation? Is it tax deductible? 

The monthly subscription or drop-in is not considered a donation and is not tax deductible. 

Can I add a donation on top of my monthly payment or drop in rate? 

Absolutely! Any amount paid that is over the standard rate for drop in payments or monthly subscriptions will be considered a donation.  

Will my insurance cover the cost for a subscription or drop in payment? 

At this time, The Healing Center is not able to bill or accept insurance.   

Can I use my flexible spending or health savings account to pay for group? 

You may be able to use these accounts to pay for your group, however, this will depend on the terms of your flexible spending or health savings account and you need to check with your provider.