Winter 2020 Newsletter

Winter 2020 Newsletter 400 400

Winter 2020 Newsletter

Letter from the Executive Director

Greetings Everyone,

The Healing Center is officially in its 20th year of operation, thanks to the community of support around us. As we head into this exciting milestone, it provides an opportunity to reflect on the great work that you have made possible. While there are many things that I am proud we have accomplished together, here is just a few highlights from 2019 of how you made a difference in the lives of our community:

  • Last year we served a total of 364 individuals in all of our grief support programs
  • 20 volunteers committed their time and talent to facilitating our support groups
  • We held 234 group support sessions
  • In total, we had 351 hours of group support service

The most remarkable accomplishment is that you, our generous supporters, have made all of this possible. As you know, The Healing Center only exists due to the funding provided by our supporters. As we head into this celebratory year, I hope you will join me in ensuring The Healing Center is around for many more years to come. Throughout this year, we will continue reflecting on how far we have come together. We also have an exciting celebration planned later this year, to truly celebrate the last 20 years. On behalf of the whole team here at the center, THANK YOU! We couldn’t do this without you.


Chase Huffman

Executive Director

Chase Huffman

Gearing up for a new year of programming!

hand holding up a heart vector art

In November, 7 people attended our fall volunteer facilitator training led by Clinical Director Jen McCormick and Youth Program Therapist Kelsey Sawyer. We were so excited to welcome a new crop of volunteers to our community!

We still need more volunteer group facilitator. Our next training is March 14th. Please reach out to Jen by clicking on the button below if you would like to join the upcoming training.

Volunteer Spotlight:
Leslie Sanders

The Healing center was recommended to me after the grief group I was participating in at my church ended it’s program.

I had been feeling like I wanted to continue participating in a healing environment and help show others that you can get comfortable with your grief and even enjoy life. I wanted especially to share with kids so they could see that after a while you learn to have your persons memory with you all the time and that it can make you happy… most of the time. I wanted to show that you can be happy in life even if you are still sad about the fact that someone you loved has died.

I have enjoyed volunteering to help with events, it’s wonderful to see the growing support for The Healing Center and see more awareness for a serious condition in many of our lives. When I am working with the children and parents at the little kids group I love seeing how the families support each other. The support and connection is profound. I am glad to be a part of this organization.

Headshot of Leslie Sanders

Client Spotlight: Maygan Wurzer

A dear friend who lost his spouse let me know about your amazing organization. When my husband died just before Christmas, the start of the New Year was beyond imaginable. I was grateful to have a place to reach out that I knew would be of ‘help’ on my new path in life.

The people who work here – tirelessly! They make sure families, clients, and children have a warm, inviting space to come to — in order to be seen, feel heard, and supported. I’m inspired by the caring staff and look back on my time in groups with a lot of gratitude for the folks who work here. It is also a privilege to be remain connected to clients – now friends – whom I met at THC as we all navigated the early stages of grief together. I’m inspired by their resilience and the sense of community we have built with each other.

For me, having a weekly support group was incredibly meaningful – as it allowed me a chance to come up for air, connect with others in similar circumstances and realize I was doing the best I could. In that small living room, we were able to share anything that we felt and hold space for each other – it was a true gift and that allowed me to feel however I felt and then keep moving forward.  The several retreats organized by clinicians were also super-valuable – as it allowed time and space to explore my grief further and connect with fellow group members over longer periods of time too.  We are so fortunate for THC – and I believe I am thriving today because of the services I received.

It would be my hope that more people become aware of the power of THC and what incredible support it offers to people on the unwelcome journey through loss. Wouldn’t it be ‘great’ if everyone knew about THC and the connection people can find when they are brave enough to go? I think one of our biggest goals as we move forward, is to help convey the importance of mental health — it is inseparable from grief and loss – and one of the best ways to be mentally okay is to find a place that upholds everyone — wherever they are at — in that journey.  The Healing Center IS that place – a safe community for children and adults to experience all that comes with the death of a loved one and still find ways to being ‘okay’ again.  I am grateful to THC for allowing me an outlet for my grief and helping me (and my children) move forward in life.




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