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Remembering 6409 ½ Roosevelt Ave

Remembering 6409 ½ Roosevelt Ave

The Healing Center’s previous location, 6409 ½ Roosevelt Ave

Many years ago, my grandparents sold the home they built in the 1950s to move into a retirement home. It was a move that needed to happen. My grandfather needed care for progressing dementia and my grandmother needed a home that required less maintenance. We had a family party in the last weeks they were there – one last gathering in a place that had meant so much to us. I still miss that house. I remember how it sounded and how it smelled. I remember the way the afternoon sun hit their patio. But mostly I remembered how I felt loved and cared for in that place. It was hard to say goodbye. Yet, change was required and they were so lucky to have a home to sell and resources to get the care they needed.

Last summer, The Healing Center had to make a similar change. The little house in the alley, where so many tears were shed and hearts found healing, was given up. When COVID sent groups online, it sat virtually empty for over a year and its limitations were becoming more evident. It wasn’t making sense to continue to pay for space we weren’t using. It was time. What was most unfortunate is that we weren’t able to gather for a last celebration and goodbye. One more thing that COVID has taken from our community and another grief we share. I hope those of you reading this who spent time in the house at 6409 ½ Roosevelt Ave continue to carry those healing memories – they are yours to keep.

As The Healing Center moves forward, we are considering how and when to offer in-person services – and most importantly, where to hold them! There is much to consider. Online services have broadened our reach to more people from a larger geographical area. Do we find a central space? Do we bring groups to regions of the greater Seattle area? How do we steward our limited resources to serve the most people we can? These are all things that leadership at The Healing Center is working through.

If you have thoughts about in-person services or memories to share about The Healing Center house, I would welcome them. Please reach out to me!

As always, take care of yourselves,

Sonja Whitaker, MS, LMFT
Center Director